Qurbaan Hua 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Qurbaan Hua 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Dr. Neil is sh-ocked to see Beg is in front of him, he remembers the promise he made to his sister in death, that he would kill the man who caused his death but then he killed Dr. Beck. Beg calls Chahat, so he withdraws to think what Chahat had said about his father being sick, Neil cried.

Chahat exclaims to Golulu that she is a naughty girl and always yearns for her, so she thinks that Goli is a crazy girl, she mentions that she has lost her mother, so now they celebrate her birthday together, when she comes to Balek’s room and cannot resist herself.
Chahat lives in her house under the guise of being innocent of her father and she wants to prove it but Dr. Beg knows in his heart that Chauth is an innocent girl but unable to see her father’s true face.

Balek in the room explains that Chahat really cares about Kripa and she doesn’t think Kripa even wants him to marry her because she can be Kripa’s mother, she slaps him after he touches her, he feels so much pain.

Dr. Neil asks if Beg can be placed in the bakery, Bofo exclaims as the bakery belongs to him, Neil tells Chahat that otherwise she will be busy taking care of her father so she can’t prepare properly.

Chahat warns Balek that he cannot cover some of the pain on his face, so he can never touch her, for it is not good.

Dr. When Beg asks for some water, Neil walks in, and Neil orders him to take care of Dr. Begg, while he brings the medicine he needs.

Neil opens the door, he is shocked as Chahat arrives for the bakery, Neil inquires why she came to the bakery, mentions that she came to buy cake for her mother’s birthday, so she wants to celebrate her birthday even though her mother is dead, Neil tells her to bake the bakery. She refuses to go, so he is ugly but she should not worry that he will come back after the cake itself is prepared and she should focus on her studies. Chahat asks if Gafo is broken, Bofo thinks he can hurt her, but Neal stops her from returning home, but then he calms down.

Chahat is checking something in the house, Viyas ji asks what she is doing, Chahat says they are buying a new branch, so they can set up a cooking station for Neil, Vias ji exclaims how to set up the station since he did not make it to them. Chahat wonders if he has lied, explaining that he knows the owner, so he can arrange for it, which means that Chahat feels she has the opportunity to find out the truth.

Neil brings cake, Vias Ji is happy that he never thought he would bring cake, Neil exclaims that he made cake for Chahat’s mother’s birthday, Via Jee gets tense after leaving Neil Chahat, why he is so tension, Neal made cake for his birthday, Rejoicing and angry that Neil has forgotten but Vyas Jee says that he never celebrated his birthday so she cannot talk to anyone, Chahat mentions that he can celebrate it himself. The two of them cut and eat the cake, Chahat inquires what gift he wants, Vias Ji mentions that he wants to help renew his relationship with Neil.

Chahat mentions that Neil is not worried because he has to talk to Neil about his hobbies and what he wants.

Chahat reaches her room, prays for her mother to find her father as soon as she wishes her birthday, shows her a sign, she is angry to see Neil throwing her clothes on the floor, she is shocked to see them picked up, he holds his phone in a pocket, she leaves his pants , Looking at his pants, she scoffs, so he picks them up nasty, she gets the message and then she goes to meet him to see that Vias has sent a request to Jee Neal.

When Neal does not agree to his request, Chahat asks him to put another name on his ID, Chiyat tells him to take the girl’s name, which annoys Vias Jee, but when Chahat mentions that it is the only way he says it, he agrees with Neil. Viyas ji receives a call from the factory owner who agreed to provide the area for the shooting and Chahat immediately rushes to the factory.

Balek, who remembers how Chahat had slapped him, feels that he has never felt so happy after being beaten by someone, and that he knows that Neil is not the girl he wants to marry because he brings Chahat to him.

Neil comes out of the washroom and is shocked to see that Mira sent him a friend request, so she wonders what happened to him, Chahat is in the cab, wondering why Balek lied to her.

PreCap: A girl watching the video is angry that Neil wants to teach him, why is Neil asking her to be his phone, because they are all fans of her, she asks him why he flirts with her and warns him that he won’t go to teach her, why she refers to him as his husband. He inquires as to who cares.