Rahul Gandhi calls grandmother Indira Gandhi’s emergency a wrong but she is protected

Former Congress president and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday called it an “urgent” mistake imposed by his grandmother Indira Gandhi. He attended an online program at Cornell University, with Sam Pitroda and Professor Kaushik Basu. Rahul Gandhi launched a fierce attack on the BJP and the RSS.

Congress leaders said the state of emergency was wrong, but there is a huge difference between what is happening now and what is happening at the time. The Congress party has never tried to rob India’s constitution. Party design does not allow this. We cannot do this, however we wish.

Targeting the RSS, Rahul Gandhi said, “What the RSS is doing is fundamentally different.” They are filling institutions with their people. Even if we beat the BJP in the elections, we do not include our people in the corporate structure to get rid of them. ”

In the program, Rahul Gandhi was the first person to hold elections in a youth organization and student organization on internal democracy, but people of my own party said that they had assaulted me. I am the first person to say that democratic elections are very important within the party, but it is interesting to me that this question is not asked of any other party. No one asks why the BJP, the BSP and the socialist parties have internal democracy.

Rahul Gandhi said – no expectation from the judiciary
Rahul Gandhi accused the central government of not allowing us to speak in Parliament. Judiciary is not expected. The RSS-BJP has immense economic power and businesses are not allowed to stand on behalf of the opposition. This is a deliberate attack on the concept of democracy. “Modern democratic systems are effective because they are independent institutions,” he said. But that freedom is being invaded in India. ”