Railway trains are being canceled due to fog due to rising heat, increased commuter trouble, see list of canceled trains

The mercury is rising day by day, with no snow situation anywhere in the state, including Bihar’s capital, Patna. Even in neighboring states bordering Bihar, the fog is completely over, but railway board officials are still hampering the operation of trains. By the same logic, many major trains from different stations in the region, including the East Central Railway Patna, have been canceled at different dates. Prior to the cancellation of these trains, the problems of previously reserved passengers increased.

East Central Railway canceled five pairs of trains on different dates, while two sets of trains were canceled until April 1. This information was removed by East Central Rail’s chief passenger operations manager. Most notable are all the major trains, including the complete revolution from Patna to New Delhi, and the Kamakhya Anand Vihar Express from Pataliputra.

A total of five pairs of trains, including Bhagalpur Anand Vihar Special and Gaya New Delhi Mahabodhi Special, will be canceled on different dates. East Central Railway has completely canceled Alipurdar from Delhi and Delhi to Alipurdar special train, Ajmer Seelda and Sealdah Ajmer Special will be on April 1. At the same time, in connection with the cancellation of trains, Bihar General Secretary Dainik Yatri Sangha Shoaib Qureshi said the railway was deliberately getting rid of passengers.

Some trains have been canceled due to snow at the behest of the Railway Board. Rail operations are disrupted as the fog is still running between Kanpur and Itawa from DDU. This is why trains are canceled. He said the fog was also forming between Buxar and DDU at night. – Rajesh Kumar, CPRO, Pumre

These trains have been canceled
Cancellation Date From 31st March to Cancellation Date

02393 Rajendra Nagar New Delhi till Wednesday March
02394 New Delhi Rajendra Nagar daily till 1st April
02561 Jai Nagar New Delhi Everyday Thursday March 4, 11, 18, 25
02562 New Delhi Jayanagar Daily on March 5, 12,19, 26
02397 Gaya New Delhi Newspaper Mon, Fri, Ravi in ​​March
02398 New Delhi went to Mars, Saturn, Mon in March
02367 Bhagalpur Anand V. Daily Mangal, Thursday in March
02368 Anand V Bhagal Daily Mercury, Friday in March
02549 Kamakhya Anand V Daily Wed, Fri, Sun in March
02550 Anand V Kamakhya till Friday, Ravi, Tuesday April 2nd