Railway’s new time table will soon change the timing of many trains including Rajdhani-Duronto

The new railway time table will be effective soon. Closed trains will now be derailed according to the new time table. The preparation of the new timetable is going on vigorously. In the new time table, extensive changes are being made at the time of four trains at Dhanbad station. Mumbai Mail from Howrah to Mumbai will now come to Dhanbad at 3.40 pm instead of 2.05 pm and it will be dispatched from Dhanbad at 3.45 pm.

There has also been a lot of change in the timing of Down Mumbai Mail. Now in the morning every day, Mumbai Mail will reach Howrah by walking ahead of both Rajdhani Express. Right now, the train arrives in Dhanbad at 6.45 am from Mumbai. But in the new time table, Mumbai Mail has been scheduled to reach Dhanbad at 5.07 am and open from here at 5.12 am. Similarly, Sealdah-New Delhi Duronto Express will come to Dhanbad at 8.30 pm instead of 9.21 pm. After a five-minute halt, it will be driven back and forth to Sealdah Rajdhani at 8.35 pm. The highest reshuffle has occurred in the time of the Down Jodhpur Express.

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Right now this train runs from Jodhpur to Dhanbad at 11.30 pm. As soon as the new time table is implemented, this train will come to Dhanbad at 2.05 pm with a delay of two and a half hours and it will leave from Dhanbad to Howrah at 2.10 pm. Apart from these four trains, the time of the other half dozen trains at Dhanbad station has also been changed five minutes before or after.