Rakesh Tikite at Kikan Mahapanchayat – This time the call will go round parliament, not 4, 40 lakh tractors will go

Farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikite said on Tuesday that if the central government does not revoke agrarian laws, this time parliament will be called in to round up and there will be no more than four lakh and four lakh tractors. He said that farmers should be prepared as there is always a call to visit Delhi.

Tikit was addressing Kisan Mahapanchayat of United Kisan Morcha in Sikar, Rajasthan on Tuesday. “Open your ears to Delhi. These farmers are the same and even the tractors are the same,” he said. This time the call will come to Parliament. Four lakhs and four million tractors will not go this time.

The farmer said he would plow and grow crops in parks near India Gate. He said the United Front would decide the date on which the Parliament would be rounded up. The Kisane leader said, “On the 26th of January, there was a conspiracy to stir up the peasantry of the country … The country’s farmers love tricolor, but not the leaders of this country.”

If the government does not repeal the three agrarian laws and the MSP is not implemented, there is an open challenge from the farmers to the government that the country’s farmers will also do the work of leveling the warehouses of large companies, Tikkite said. The United Front is also due for a date soon.

Mahapanchayat was addressed by Yogendra Yadav, leader of the Swaraj Movement, Amararam, National Vice President of All India Kisan Sabha, Chaudhry Yudveer Singh, National Prime Minister of Kisan Union and several peasant leaders. Earlier, Tikkit was speaking at a farmers’ conference in Sardarshahar in Churu district.