Rakhi Sawant married actress Ritesh in Gadapali

When it comes to entertainment, Rakhi Sawant’s name is taken first. Recently, Rakhi Sawant appeared as a contestant on the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’. The winners were announced late on Sunday, with Rubina becoming Dilac. Rakhi Sawant earns Rs 14 lakh. Even Salman Khan later said his decision was correct.

After leaving the show, Rakhi Sawant spoke openly about her marriage to Ritesh in a conversation with the media. In a conversation with Tele Talk, Rakhi Sawant said the winning amount would fill the mother’s hospital bill. At the same time, on his marriage to Ritesh, Rakhi said, “Ritesh had expressed his desire to marry me. I had a gun in my head and we would kill you if I did not marry. But Rakhi Sawant refused to name the man who threatened her. Helped.

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Rakhi further adds that when the media learned about my marriage, Ritesh ran out the back door. There was a lockdown after the wedding and we were both unable to live together. On the show, Rocky Sawant told Rahul Doctors that Ritesh is living in Poland and that he is already married and has a baby. Then they found out.