Rakhi Sawant quits Bigg Boss-14 show with 14 lakhs!

The conclusion of Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is just minutes away. Meanwhile, there are reports that Rakhi Sawant said goodbye to the show with a bag full of money. He has left the show with Rs 14 lakh and Bigg Boss 14 is out of the trophy race. After Rakhi Sawant, the show has got its top 4 contestants. Now there is a thorny contest between Ali Goni, Rubina Dilek, Nikki Tamboly and Rahul Vaidya. According to recent voting trends, Rubina Dilek is currently at the forefront. Rahul Vaidya comes in second.

Let us tell you that Rakhi’s Journey appeared in Bigg Boss. Big Show boss Rakhi Sawant is the show that created the identity. The story of you and Bigg Boss is similar. Returned 13 years later and succeeded in winning the hearts of his people. Bigg Boss said it was original entertainment. No one can copy them.

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Explosion – Rakhi Sawant shocked to see Salman’s ‘Ritesh’ at home

Rakhi Sawant wept bitterly as she watched her journey. Husband Witch .The most sad moment for Rakhi when threatened by war. His mother is sick. Rakhi looked very emotional when she mentioned her husband. She said the husband is married and has a baby.

Bigg Boss 14 was revealed before the closing, not giving away a huge sum of Rs 50 lakh