Red, Green and Yellow! Find out what these stickers mean on the trains in Mumbai during the Corona era

The second wave of the corona has taken over the country, especially the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra. Every day thousands of active people can be found in this industrial city of the country. Amidst all this damage in Corona, the Mumbai police have brought in a color coding system for vehicles to curb new cases (positive cases). This does not unnecessarily get people out of the house and strictly follow the rules of the corona.

For this purpose, Mumbai police have issued red, green and yellow stickers. The new color coding sticker system will help curb the increasing number of coronal cases, Mumbai police said. This is being done to strictly follow the rules of COVID-19 made for the safety of the people. So let us know what these colored stickers mean-

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In fact, these colored stickers made in 6-inch zones are used in vehicles. Vehicles can be identified according to their usage. These stickers are available for free at checkpoints and toll plazas.

Red Sticker: This red sticker can be used on vehicles used by health professionals such as doctors, medical personnel, ambulance and medical equipment providers or people related to health services. In view of the present time, this sticker proves to be very effective for people with healthcare services.

Green Sticker: This green sticker is used in vehicles engaged in transporting essential commodities to the daily needs of food, vegetables, fruits, groceries and dairy products. This will enable the people to easily deliver essential goods to the people without any hindrance in the city.

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Yellow Sticker: This sticker, which looks like a yellow or orange, is used by officials and government employees. According to the information, the sticker will be used by vehicles used by the officials of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC, employees of essential services, the Department of Power and Telecommunications or the media.

Strict action will be taken against misuse of stickers:

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagreel told the media that these stickers can only be used for nominees or issuers. In addition, if someone else misuses these stickers, strict action will be taken against them. A case can also be filed against the accused.

The purpose is to curb unnecessary travel: Maharashtra has witnessed a record increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases. Recently, in the wake of the increasing corona cases in Mumbai, the state government has implemented night curfew, weekend lockdown and now mini lockdown, but despite this, the speed of corona infection is not known. In such a situation, with the introduction of color coding stickers, efforts are being made to prevent unwanted travel.