Regarding the peasant movement, the court said – treason cannot be prosecuted to silence dissenters

The Delhi court has said that treason law cannot be silenced in order to silence dissidents. Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana has issued a statement while granting bail to two persons – Devi Lal Burdock and Swarup Ram – who were arrested by Delhi Police on charges of sedition and spreading rumors on Facebook.

The law says treason law is a powerful tool in the hands of the government to maintain peace and order in society. The judge, in his order on February 15, said it would not apply to silence dissidents in the pretext of silencing the perpetrators. Clearly, the law prohibits any act that has the tendency to disturb public peace or disturb it through violence.

In the absence of any disturbances or disturbances in public peace through violence, or any form of confusion or derogatory remarks or provocation, I think the accused can be prosecuted under Section 124 (a).