Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna tells Radhika that her truth with everyone

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna tells Radhika that her truth with everyone

In today’s episode, it is being shown that she tells Radhika that her truth has been revealed to everyone. What do we say, what is the benefit of saying sorry? Is what I want to show you some people are still wondering what Radhika is going to show, when Radhika shows her thief, everyone is shocked to see that Radhika smiles face to face and will see again How Radhika hurts herself when she comes to her sister-in-law Radhika and says that Radhika Jewel has come to know that you are pretending she can come at any time. What should we do now? Radhika asks that sister-in-law will tell us what we will do now and tells Karma-law that you are on my knees with this. I say the same thing, I am wondering how this has happened, what is it that says that you have got the proof, now you believe it or not. This is just because I am living in this house, you want me to leave this house, I will leave this house, that tells Radhika that Anant is the first to hurt me.

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So later she doubted me, you think that I can do such a fallen action to stop in this house, now I will not stop myself even 1 second in this house, only then Radhika will try to get away from sending But if she is in pain, she does not look good, she tries to handle it, then Anand says that what is the benefit of doing all this now, how can you put such a dirty exam on Radhika without proof how you blocked it Is being shouted at say Can hurt more than their own, Radhika’s heart is hurt, Karma says to the jewel that you had to say that this Radhika is living in this house, leave this car and go away if it stands behind and it He was looking at everything then he was talking to himself that no maternal uncle can not lie * Anti is lying and then he goes from there. Apologize to Radhika again, she is blaming Gaina and tells the heroine that as far as an insult is concerned, we all have insulted the guest by this, they should all apologize, then Toba in front of Radhika With folded hands, I say that I apologize on behalf of my whole family, where does Radhika Toba, how do you apologize to me and do not embarrass us, weeping and bahubali and then someone’s mistake It is mine, I should not have stayed here, but I am apologizing to all of you, forgive me, the same Karma bhabhi would say that why Radhika is asking for forgiveness, she should not ask for forgiveness.

what to say sorry, Geeta Ji was saying that the matter is right, the mistake is mine, first I should have come and left you, then everyone should have shown the mistake is my own, all the family goes away from there, just stop there. Radhika is just crying, the same is the garden, she comes to talk to you, then to say that she will forgive me, I have made a big mistake because of you, you have suffered, but you have suffered. Because of Anant, Anant should not have brought Radhika home, the same Anant is saying to Radhika that if you did not refuse the mistake, you would have told the song in the truth of Vineet, if there was anyone in his place. I tell you the truth, I have the right to know, but today’s farming is not Anand’s Department, I was saying that I do not know why Anand has brought Radhika home but you should not have accused Radhika too. You do one thing, you talk to Anand and you will get a solution to the whole problem.

Radhika is refusing to tell the truth to the story, she tells us that one of our truths do not know how many questions will arise from telling, most of all the questions will arise about our marriage, it would be better that if we go away from this house, then tries to go again, but Anand says, “No, will you stay here?” You do not want me to tell you the truth, so I will not tell you right now, no one has gone to the other side, nor is she crying alone, then only Kaka ji comes there and says, why are you crying, someone said something to you Can you quickly tell her name, I just start her class, Dera says that the class has already started, Kaka ji, everyone thinks that Radhika is here, I am jealous and I did all this because but it is not like Kaka Ji Sagar himself had seen all Radhika had hit the mall with her feet, I had also seen her coming out of her room, we were still there, so tell me, Kaka ji, if Radhika’s leg was hurt, would she It is true that when Radhika is with Anant ji, I do not like it at all, but it does not mean that I can be accused of such allegations on Radhika Will apply

But everyone in the house is thinking the same about me, Kaka Ji’s dance says that it is not wrong to say it is wrong, then the situation is wrong And these conditions have shown Radhika’s injuries. If Radhika’s injury is right, then something is definitely wrong somewhere. It is exactly like money money money husband’s Kaka ji is exactly the same. Both Kanaben and the officer definitely have planned something like this Radhika. Who is in a lot of pain when Kanak bhabhi comes there, she says that I know that you are having a lot of pain, but you did not even enjoy watching Kahna’s necklace or Radhika says leave it all, today I have hair- Child is left but I have had to give the real one an injury in her affair. Sister-in-law says that you will feel hurt by the angry Duffer.

You have not seen how she has lost now. First of all, we have to include Hema in her team because she is my So all night, Hema knows that she has to do well with her body before she falls on us. What does Karma-law do? How will she be able to do that? Would wear And how it makes me laugh so much that I will see that Anant stands alone and is remembering all the things right now, there comes to say and Anand ji you are angry with me and he Sauri also holds her ear and says that because of me you all suffered, Anand would have said that you have not given any pain, neither is there any color nor Radhika has given me any trouble, I have unknowingly given it to you but next time Before you do, you must ask me so much hope, I can only hope that Anand goes away from there, with the same card, he is walking around carrying his maternal uncle, only when he does it, too. Sister-in-law asks, where are you roaming, Sagar says that I will give this card to my maternal uncle, the anger of the uncle will definitely calm down. Sister-in-law says that Sagar is scared to find you with a big stick to kill you. And karma comes in law, sister-in-law says that for now, you go to your room silently, the ocean goes away.

So he would say that Jewel Sagar did not eat anything. He was saying that he will not eat food until you forgive him, then how will he be able to eat medicine, then he will have to eat food. She would be happy on the terrace with her clothes and say, “See how I lightning with your clothes. If I am in my room and I am very nervous, then I was wondering how I should convince my maternal uncle. She is very angry.” Only then does he hear the call of someone coming, he thinks that maybe Mama is coming and she is also carrying a big stick, to kill us together before I go to sleep, the ocean turns off the light and goes to sleep Is under the sheet and then secretly seeing who is coming, the same deed is done by jewel clothes and then there is also a smiley mask on the face and there is a stick in the hand only then say in your phone That voice recording does not play so that Sagar will feel the jewel and then he starts beating Sagar, bringing food for Sagar for hours and beating Sagar on one side at some time Mr.When Dena brings food to the room, she is surprised to see what is going to happen with the song, then in the next episode, we will know that in tomorrow’s episode we will see Karma bhabhi is saying to Jewel that You were not getting enough, see I cut off your fans, you are worthy of me, Babu Kad Aasi Na, we will not give you the freshness of Surat. I would have been talking and saying that I would just walk the same path and walk the story, and the victory is always the truth, so in today’s episode, that’s all.