Salman Khan announces that Bigg Boss 14 has been crowned ‘Bigg Boss 14’

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Update: Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 14’ finale is over. Salman Khan has announced the winners of this season’s show. Bigg Boss 14 ‘Grand Finale winner turned out to be Rubina Dilac. The final round saw a fierce competition between 5 contenders Rakhi Sawant, Rubina Dilak, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli and Ali Goni. Rubina Dilac Rahul won the show by beating the doctor.

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Salman Khan announces that Rubina Dilak has been crowned ‘Bigg Boss 14’

12:20 PM- Rubina Dilak and Rahul face doctor for trophy Polling lines were opened for 10 minutes before Salman Khan announced the winner’s name on Bigg Boss 14.

12:15 PM Salman Khan has announced the Top 2 finalists and the final elimination of the show. Nikki left the show and Rubina and Rahul reached the finish line.

11:47 p.m.Salman Khan’s Top Secret Finalist

11: 15 p.m. The stars of the TV show Colors showed Salman Khan the dance – Barrister Babu, Namak Isk performed by all TV stars. The cast of the upcoming show Udayran, Bavra Dil will introduce themselves

11:00– Rahul Vaidya and Ali Goni performed amazingly by becoming Jai-Viru

10: 45 PM-. Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin’s glowing chemistry won the audience – good dance to the song ‘Jara-jara bahta hai’

10:35 p.m. Famous actor Dharmendra made his debut on stage Salman Khan welcomed famous actor Dharmendra on stage. They both performed a wonderful dance in ‘Jat Yamala Pagla’

10:25 p.m. The little dancer’s entry in ‘Dance Divine 3’ on stage took its toll. The whole band danced on stage with this baby

10:19 p.m. Salman danced with Nora, Sonali Salman Khan of Bollywood danced with Sonali Phogat at the behest of Nora Fatehi. Salman Khan teased that Ali should replace Ali Goni on stage. Nora urged Salman Khan to hook up his song ‘Sharam’ and Salman Khan did it.

10:10 p.m. Nora Fatehi’s entry into the show- Nora has won everyone’s heart by performing her dance.

10:05 p.m. Four to three members – Ali Goni is out of the top-3 list.

09:55 PM Ali Goni, Rubina Dilek, Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya apologize for asking for pardon

09:55 PM Rakhi Rs 14 lakh Rakhi Sawant earns Rs 14 lakh. Rakhi Sawant first presses the buzzer.

09:45 PM Actor Ritesh Deshmukh has entered the house – Ritesh Deshmukh has paid Rs 36 lakh.

09:39 PM Rakhi Sawant did a fine dance in her PM song. When Rakhi’s husband Ritesh entered the house, Salman Khan gave Rakhi Sawant a big surprise.

9: 20 PM- Salman calls Madhuri Madhuri Dixit of Bollywood wished all five finalists in her style.

9:10 PM

  • Salman Khan pulled Abhinav Shukla’s foot in the finale. Salman said that Rakhi Sawant should have escaped after leaving the house.
  • Rakhi Sawant’s Journey appeared in Bigg Boss. During this time, Rakhi sometimes smiles, sometimes she gets emotional and sees her journey.
  • The show is about to start soon. Salman Khan surprised Rakhi Sawant in the grand final. Rakesh, who is desperate to meet her husband, will join Rheesh Deshmukh Shehra on the show.
  • Bigg Boss 14 will be graced by the evening stars of the Grand Finale. But let us tell you that the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 14 will be held tonight at 9 p.m. This is because the voting lines of the finalists are now closed. At the same time, the show will showcase the contestants.

On the show today, Nora Fatehi can also be seen dancing to Salman Khan’s dance moves and gestures. In the promo we can see Salman Khan dancing with Nora Fatehi. Nora also goes out to dance solo.

Along with Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit will also be seen in this final episode of Bigg Boss. At the same time, Sadarmendra, Ritesh Deshmukh and Nora Fatehi will also be part of the event. Dharmendra will be sharing his experience with the people at the show. Ritesh Deshmukh and Nora Fatehi will entertain the audience with a dance performance.

Ritish Deshmukh is coming home to Bigg Boss as husband of Rocky Sawant