Sam Harper in a typical way, what a great mistake by the umpire, watch the video

You may have seen batsmen come out on the cricket field in many ways, but you can’t be sure of the unique way in which the third umpire batsman was called in the Australian domestic tournament Marsh Cup. The match between Victoria and South Australia led to the pavilion when a fielder was thrown and Sam Harper was found opposite the third umpire’s wicket. The decision of the third umpire has given rise to a new debate among cricket experts.

In fact, this happened when Sam Harper played Don Worrell’s ball in front of the Victoria batting line and bowled the bowler’s side. Harper, who was standing in front of the crease, came to the stumps to defend his wicket and the ball went to his pad, which was later appealed to by all players, including South Australian captain Trevid Head. After a lengthy discussion between the on-field umpire, the decision was referred to the third umpire, where replays saw the ball standing in front of the stumps, causing him to be dismissed.

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But this is not the first time a batsman has been dismissed in cricket. Earlier, in a one-day series between India and Pakistan in 2006, Injamam-ul-Haq was summoned for hitting Suresh Raina with his bat. According to the rules, if the batsman deliberately interferes with the fielding, he must be given out.