Samisha Shetty, daughter of Shilpa Shetty, shared one year video and actress – you called me mother

Samisha Shetty, daughter of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, is one year old. She’s not doing anything special to celebrate Samisha’s first birthday, but she’s definitely holding a small party for the family. Samisha Shetty posted a video requesting birthday wishes for her daughter, which looks so cute. With that, the title written by Shilpa Shetty will definitely win your heart.

Sharing a video of her daughter creeping up on the floor, Shilpa writes, “Mummy, when you say when you were a year old, this is the most beautiful gift of my life.” As you recall your first tooth, I remember the first word, the first smile and the first crawl. Everything is special to me. There is a reason to celebrate every day. Happy Birthday to my Goddess. Every day of the past year has brought us love, joy and light. Our lives are light. We all love and trust you. I pray to God that you will find many happiness and blessings. ”

With this, Raj Kundra tagged Shilpa Shetty and created unseen emojis. At the same time, Raj Kundra shared a video of Samisha Shetty swinging, in which she wrote, “You may be a mother’s daughter, but you have Punjabi jeans inside you.” Happy Birthday My Goddess, Samisha. You complete our family and touch the stars, I thought it was not there. Samisha, a year for you, I can’t believe how time flies. “

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Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are known to be the parents of Samisha Shetty. After returning from London last year, the duo made good news to fans and the media.