Santoshi Maa 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update | Santoshi Maa today full Episode

Santoshi Maa 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update | Santoshi Maa today full Episode – Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on

Santoshi Maa 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh Gets The Powers To Stand On His Feet.

Mata Paravati, Santoshi Mata, Mahadev and Dev Rishi are looking happy as the episode progresses with Indre Puja. After completing the puja, he advises to continue this puja for eight days, which clears all problems and Santoshi Mata and Dev Rishi are happy while Indresh prays for the well-being of Swati. Devi Rishi tells Mata Santoshi to see that Swati’s body is shining and Mata is happy about it.

Singhasaan decides to take care of the Mata puja for eight days, which calms the house and rests the soul of the Swami in peace.

Singhasan asks Ushma why you are back but she is telling him you accept Swati killed and she follows Bubli. Simhanshan Bubli insults her for what purpose she has brought here but Simhansan’s son tries to warn her about taking money from us and supporting her but she throws all the money in his house and reveals all the evidence to the police and he is silent.
It is good that you have performed this puja for the sake of Swathi, as Ushma is explaining and praising it as Indresh, it will surely come back to you for eight days. Because Mata Santoshi is admiring Ushma. Nidhi intervenes to prevent this from happening but in the wake of his anger, Ushma pushes Indra to talk and dashes his chair to the other side of the table, making him anxious to deal with him and Nidhi appeals to him.

Ushma grabs Indresh’s hands and wipes out all the problems for him and Swati also returns, as the touch of her hands causes Indresh’s body to enter the forces that strengthen him.

Singhasan, Nidhi and all are abusing Ushma to keep her away from Indreshsa, but she reveals a truth to Singasan, through which he confuses her with words but in this Indragesa Unga prompts a negative talk about Singhasan which suddenly makes him angry and he suddenly looks at her . Mata Paravati asks Mahadev whether you have forgiven your devotee and he tells her that if the puja is done with pure devotion, then the devotee should be blessed, but Dev Rishi also expresses to Mata Santoshi, as Mahadev forgives his devotee.

Indresh’s mother is happy that her son Indresh is standing on her feet and Sindasan is happy as Indresh understands but sits back as the anger subsides. Ushma Indresh explains that this may be a blessing from God, which will slowly strengthen you by doing this puja, but the treasure shouts, I tell him I am stupid, I have been giving him shakti for many months, which is why there is some strength in his body. Indresh’s mother consoles her but she insists that this puja should be done with Indresh, which will help him get better but she refuses and urges everyone with her father to do this for the benefit of Indresh. But Devi Polimi is haunted by her decision.

When Dev Rishi comes to Polomi, Pollomi gets angry about Mahadev and I go and ask him but he reminds her of her evil powers through Dev Rishi human body, then what she is using and she is silent.

When Singhasan asks where are you going now because you have got the truth about this girl, Ushma and Bubli go to the room, but now go out but Ushma warns her about revealing the truth to the police. Already trapped by the police and he is stunned. Ushma again informs me that I will not leave until Swati is found, and they both go to the room, but Singhasan tells Indresh’s mother that the eight-day puja will take place and our Indresh will get better and then we will see about these two.