Sathya 19th October 2020 Written Update: Kathir ask Soumya to postpone their first night

Sathya 19th October 2020 Written Update: Kathir ask Soumya to postpone their first night

Today’s episode begins with Satha sitting in the garden and thinking about the incident. Sadashivam, Anita, and Weerasinghe come there and stand beside her shining truth. She found them there and got up off the bench. Sadashivam asks her how lazy she is here after stabbing Benny.

Truth apologizes to him and tells her that she did not do it on purpose. Anita replied to her Do not do an act here. They knew their cunning mind. Sadashivam said he knew she was doing something to prevent this marriage but he was silent when he learned that Kathir had gone to Delhi for examination.

He never expected that he would come back and make this play here. When Soumya learns of a secret wedding, Satya tells him that she did it for Soumya. Sadashivam tells her that although she has betrayed her for being close to her family, he is definitely suffering from this. He cannot forgive her for ruining his reputation. Satya looks at him blankly.

Prabhu comes to his room and is shocked to see a bunch of flowers and fruits in his bed. They think it looks like a first night preparation. Why would these things be in his room today when Kathir and Soumya would be there for the first night.

He suspects that this is what Satya did on his first night. He grinned as he saw milk coming into his room. She closes the door and gives him milk. Prabhu asks Satya why these flowers and fruits are here and she answers him the first night. Prabhu tells her that he is not ready to do this, now is the time to set his mind.

The truth of hearing that he misunderstood the situation and wants to tease him stifles his laugh. She was ashamed of him and touched the sensuality of his neck, making our first night like Soumya so we were away. Let’s get closer and see the response. Prabhu is kind of lost in her. Truth pretends to be ashamed. Prabhu took the bedsheet and the pillow in his hand to escape, but the truth stopped him and asked where the lord was going.

He answers her he is not ready to do it. Truth laughs and tells him she teased him Kavita Swach cleaning the gentle room so she put the flowers in their room. He replies to her that he misunderstood it. He goes on to say that the truth is nothing without his desire. Prabhu feels guilty for behaving like himself.

Truth and Kavita bring Soumya to her room while badly teasing her. Kavita says that she always treated Soumya as a little girl but she dared to marry him secretly and fought for him. What she learned from this is don’t trust anyone with looks.

The truth is that she is not a child but she is at the age of giving birth to a child by saying that he will push her inside. Kathir was waiting for her in the room. He asks her to sit down and apparently he wants to be a collector first, so let’s do this later. Soumya agreed with him.

Satya is calling Macon on the phone. Anita and Weerasinghe were listening. Satya tells them that she is talking to the Kathir family so there is no need to notice it. A car stops there and Makan, Mandapuna, Kathir’s mother and sister descend from it. Anita and Weerasingham standing at the entrance. Katier’s mother tells him he doesn’t like her so she definitely insults them. Makan used the watchman to scold Anita.