Sathya 19th October 2020 Written UpdateFull Episode: Sathya slapped Soumya

Fact 18 October 2020 Written Update on Indian News Live – Sathya 19th October 2020 Written UpdateFull Episode: Sathya slapped Soumya

The episode begins today with Sadashivam awakening from a state of unconsciousness and asking how everyone is having fun with Soumya and how Kathir delivers delicious food. Angered when he heard it, he removed the tours with his hand and got up from the couch angrily as he shot his shirt and aimed the hallway of the room. Here he is serving Kathir and teasing him. Sadashivam came there and angrily pushed the water away.

Kathir and Soumya get up from their place. They shouted at him how dare he let them inside after he cheated badly on his family. Prabhu tried to convince him but he stopped him. Accused him of betrayal of himself and of the truth. Prabhu tells him that if he did not marry Kathir, his life ended with Dinesh, who was guilty. He accepts it but he cannot accept this marriage.

He has no status to swatch clean this Kathir’s cheeple, he is his son-in-law. How he introduces it to others who cannot even imagine. Anita and Weerasingham also get there. He tells the Lord that he knows the truth will do something like this, but he never expected the Lord to betray him.

Prabhu says that he has a valuable reason behind his behavior, he never tries to betray him. He asks him what the reason is. They tell him that Soumya is already married to Kathir in secret, which is why he played this drama to save his reputation.

Sadashivam turns to Soumya and says that she is the reason for everything and he starts slapping her twice. He was unable to control his anger, so he slapped Prabhu again to stop her but the truth stopped him and suggested that he not interfere. Nirmala stops Sadashivam and tells her that something happens to her if she accidentally slaps her. Sadashivam is better to die answering her, then living this way to ruin his reputation.

If she died of poisoning wouldn’t it be okay? He warns Soumya that he has chosen this slum boy over him. She’s done everything right for him so don’t go with him and return to this house. He kills them both by saying that if he sees her again he will leave.

Did Prabhu ever think that Uncle would react like this to Sathya? Truth answers him, he expects more from him, he leaves them with words, in fact she expected he would grab their throat and throw them out of the house. Soumya tells Sathya that she will leave before that. Why did she hear the truth?

Soumya replies to him that he is looking down on Katir and beats him. He insulted her husband so she wants to leave. Satya slapped her twice. Prabhu stop her and ask her why she did this. Truth be told, she married him today, it hurts her when her father insults him. It was a shame for all about her father, who grew up with her twenty years. She thinks we will support her if she does anything.

When she learns that she is secretly married to Katier, she wants to betray him but she does not do so for fear that she might misstep. She ordered him to tolerate all the insults from his father and apologize to her. They are not allowed to go until he forgives them. Soumya apologizes to her and walks away.

Prabhu also praised Satya for supporting Sadashivam even after he had suffered enough violence. Truth answers to him The relationship often fights but it should not always be taken over the hearts and continue with love. Her father taught her this. Prabhu looks at her pleasantly. Sadashivam, Anita and Weerasingham arrive in the park thinking the truth.