Sathya 21th November 2020 Written Update: Prabhu thinking about how to stop reading the contract

Sathya 21th November 2020 Written Update: Prabhu thinking about how to stop reading the contract

Prabhu thinking about how to stop reading the contract. He tells Sasi that he read everything, then why he doubted it. Sasi replies to him that it is better to review the contract again. Prabhu thinks he has doubts about what to do? Prabhu tells him that he will not study for the exam but will read it. He promises to read everything carefully. Seeing him say this, he signed the contract if he was in doubt. Sasi thinks Prabhu has signed it, then he can sign it with his eyes closed.

Prabhu asks him to close his eyes and sign. He closes his eyes and signs where he has shown it to him. Ask the manager and they finished reading it? He answers yes. He asks them to come to the Diwali ceremony as the boxing tournament begins that day. He nods and comes out with Sasi.

Vinod stops Prabhu and Sasi by calling his name. Prabhu and Sasi look at each other looking at him. Vinod asks him Are they surprised to see that he is out of jail? Prabhu does not answer them. He replies to him that the snake is wounded. Sasi replies to him that it is equal to a dead song. Vinod raised his voice. Sasi teases him that if he takes care of it he is right for dubbing, he will get a chance at Telugu dubbing.

Vinod says he will shout whatever he wants but he falls into a trap. They choose the death penalty as desired. The champions will compete in this boxing event, and one shot will be enough to end their life. Sasi too dies here because he is with his friend. His uncle is the sponsor of this tournament.

Prabhu takes Sasi to the coaching class. Sasi Prabhu asks if Vinod is going to do something against her and be careful in the competition. Prabhu replies to them that is why we are here to get training from coaches. Sasi tells him to clap. Prabhu reveals to him that he too is going to fight round. The legislator is shocked. The coach asks him to come in for coaching.

Satya reaches home and she is angry at her from Grandma. Truth convinces her to explain everything. Knowing that the truth has not yet reached Prabhu’s home? She dials him. Prabhu tells Shashi that Satya is angry with him, so he is going to gift her a rose again. He reaches home and Janaki tells Sasi Dad. Truth stops him and asks where he is. He lies to her but she finds it. Prabhu gifts rose to her and he says he went to buy her. Truth sighs with delight.