Sathya: These Instances Prove Prabhu Means The World To Sathya

Prabhu (Vishnu) and The truth (Ayesha) No doubt more The screen pairs sizzling and loved In the television industry. Both viewers of the truth are treated by their on-screen chemistry, and their off-screen goodwill speaks to their bond. While off-screen, Vishnu and Ayesha give us BFF goals, on-screen truth and Prabhu give us relationship goals and we can’t get enough of both.

The truth that Prabhu loves them is that he is always protecting and looking after them. She makes extra effort to make Prabhu feel special. We know that Prabhu means the world to her and she can go to any extent to protect him. And truth The following examples are proof that the truth is unconditionally loved. See you once!

Satya will always go the extra mile to make Prabhu happy. Remember the time when Satya created a handmade gift for the Lord on Valentine’s Day? She sits all night to make the most precious gift to the Lord. Sadly, however, Prabhu does not appreciate her efforts but hurts and misunderstands her. Despite all the conspiracy between the two, her love for the Lord has not changed.

Over-protective instinct

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The truth of trying to attack the lord teaches the goons. If Prabhu tries to hide this information, the truth will find itself out and punish him. But, after Prabhu’s persistent request, she leaves them. The truth is always over-protective. Not only does she foresee the dangers, but she is protected by Prabhu every time.

Sacrificing quality

The truth
Source: E DEE 5

When Vinod sets out to put his business rival Prabhu behind bars, he goes to jail to save his husband from the truth. Satya loses hope of being granted bail or released. Vinod challenges Satya, who keeps her in jail for a long time and in her absence, he can defeat Prabhu in business. When Sathya learns Vinod’s intentions, she decides to come out for her husband’s sake and manages to get out. Satya’s sacrificial nature shows how much she loves the Lord.

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