Satish Shah tweeted that he took the first dose of corona vaccine in 3 hours – Baidha for not taking VIP admission

Satish Shah, the famous actor of television and movies, has gotten the corona vaccine. He informed about this by tweeting. At the same time, he has shared his experience since getting the vaccine. He wrote that instead of using VIP access, he chose to stand in line for three hours in the intense sunlight. He is also condemned for this.

“I have not used a VIP entry for the Kovid 19 vaccine,” Shahid Shah wrote on Twitter. She was on the line for about 3 hours to get the vaccine. There was a lot of ruckus on the outside, but everything inside seemed to be disciplined. I scolded for not taking a VIP entry but RK Laxman was happy to act like his normal man.

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Corona vaccination work is going on pretty fast in the country. The process of vaccinating people for more than 60 years and 45 years for people suffering from serious illnesses has begun. The second phase of vaccination is being done from March 1. Many Bollywood celebrities are also on this list.

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Notably, Satish Shah was also found to be corona positive in July last year. The actor was later admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital. His second corona test report became negative. He was later released on July 28. However, due to security reasons, Satish Shah has decided to restrain himself till August 11. The actor informed his fans in a tweet. Satish thanked the staff of Nanavati Hospital in a tweet after being discharged from the hospital. Satish tweeted, ‘I cannot thank the Goddesses of Lilavati Hospital who have normalized my health. May God have grace for you. ‘

Satish Shah has been featured in several serials including ‘Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’, ‘Film Chakkar’ and ‘Ye Jo Hai Zindagi’. Satish’s role in ‘Sarabhai’ was well liked by Indravadan. In addition, Satish Jaane Bhi Do Someone, ‘Main Ho Na’, ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayange’ ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Gaman’, ‘Umarao John’, ‘Shakti’, ‘Hamshakals’,’ Ra. One has also appeared in films like ‘Malamaal’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Mujse Shaadi Karogi’ and ‘Fana’.