Sawan: These 5 flowers which are dear to Lord Shiva are a boon to health, you get these amazing benefits

Savan Special: Siva’s love month has begun. During this holy month the devotees of Bholebaba leave no opportunity to please Him. According to religious beliefs, Lord Shiva is the only god who is quickly pleased with the worship of his devotees. Most people are aware of the tradition of offering jute-datura, white flowers, bell leaves to innocent Bhandari during the month of Sawan, but today we are talking about 5 flowers that are dear to Lord Shiva which is a boon to health. No less than that.

Datura (Thorn Apple)
Datura is one of the most loved flowers of Lord Shiva. ರಿಸಲು Alkaloids are extracted from dormant seeds to produce shadi. They are used in many medicines in Ayurveda.

Datura is used for all problems such as asthma, inflammation, pregnancy, epilepsy, piles and weakness. In addition to removing the baldness problem with the help of Datura, hair dandruff is also believed to be removed.

Mother (Aquan)
Mother has white or blue flowers. This garland of flowers is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Mother Flower is also known as Akova and Arc. It contains many properties. These are very beneficial for health. Its use of flower and leaves helps cure diseases like asthma, diabetes, leprosy and piles.

Hibiscus flowers are considered very dear to Lord Shiva. Red and white hibiscus is considered to be of special importance in the worship of Lord Shiva.

In Ayurveda hibiscus is known as the best herbal for hair. Its properties help to alleviate every problem associated with hair.

Mogra, this beautiful fragrant flower of white color is dedicated to Lord Shiva to get children.

Mogra flower has anti-aging properties, which can slow down the fine lines and aging process on the skin. It is beneficial to use mugray oil with petroleum jelly and coconut oil to remove stretch marks and blemishes.

Blue Waterlily
There is such a belief in the Neil lotus, that the merit obtained by offering one thousand Conor flowers is equal to the virtue obtained by offering only one flower of the Neil Lotus. This flower is considered very useful to achieve Lakshmi.

The Neal Lotus flower has anti-depressants, sharpens the mind, eliminates gas problems, menstrual problems and chronic pain.

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