Sembaruthi 18th October 2020 Written Update: Nandhini plot against Akhila

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The serial begins with Arun telling Aishwarya that he will not go to the office or the factory. The nurse listens to their conversation and informs Nandini. The latter calls a man named Madan and asks if he is in touch with Arun. She asks to speak with Arun and asks him to meet her and tell him the muted thing. The man agrees.

Arun is unable to sleep. He gets a call from his friend, Madan. He wonders why he suddenly calls him. He goes out of the room to talk. Madan says he has called the party to listen since he joined the company. Arun says there is some problem in the factory. He asks Madan to meet him at the bar. Arun agrees.

Arun reaches the bar. The two are watching Arun go into the bar. Arun meets Madan. The latter poured drinks into the glass and gave it to Arun and asked him to drink. Madan asks him to tell him what happened. Outside, two men open Arun’s car with fake keys and put some packets into the boot. Inside the bar, Arun says his family doesn’t understand him and he scolds him for being irresponsible. His friend says that every youth in this country faces the same problem.

When Arun wants to stop drinking because he has to drive the car, his friend insists on drinking more. He questions what happened at the factory. Arun asks him to leave it as he drinks to forget the thing. Madan gets Nandini’s call and goes to a corner to talk. Nandini asks Madan to drink Arun and stay with him till he falls unconscious. Arun should go home in the morning. Madan does as Nandini says and Arun misses consciousness.

The next morning, Akhila’s car was repaired and the mechanic was repairing the car. Akhila scolds the driver for not checking the condition of the car as he is late for office. Arun gets in his car at that moment. Arula asks where Arun is coming from. Arun lies that he went to the airport to send his friend. Akhila condemns Arun for spending the entire night without informing Aishwarya. Aishwarya tried his number all night but he turned off his mobile. Arun checks his phone and apologizes to Akhila. The latter asks the driver if the car is ready.

The driver says the mechanic is still repairing the car. Arun asks if she wants him to put her in the office. Akhila asks him to go and see Aishwarya. She stops Arun and tells him to go to the office in his car, take the car key from him and get into his office. The nurse tells Nandhini that Akhila has gone in Aru’s car, which contains drug boxes.

Akhila Arun was walking to the office in the car. Other policemen are waiting for Akhila to be arrested. Calling Nandini Akhila. The latter sees Nandini’s name and cuts the call, as she is talking to someone else. Nandini keeps calling her. Akhila finally attends to her call and questions what she wants. Nandini says a pleasant shock awaits her.

The serial ends.