Sembaruthi: Arun refuses to return to the office

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Tamil’s much-loved show Sembruti entertains its audiences with interesting storylines.

The story revolves around Akhila and her son Adhi and his love interest Parvati.

In the last episode, you can see Arun going to the company. Nandini instructed the manager to create problems for Arun. Managers deliberately brought enough files for study. When Arun said that he could not study all the files in a single day, the manager humiliated him by comparing Arun. Arun met with union leaders about some of the problems in the factory. The union leader also provoked Aruna and likened him to Adi. Arun lost his cool and fought with the union leader and struck him. Parvati prepared mushroom fried rice. Parvati and Adhi shared some quality time together.

In the upcoming episode, Akhila is going to learn about what happened in the factory and Arun will be questioned about them. She will condemn Arun. Aishwarya goes to talk to Akhila. The latter expresses her disappointment and says that she is losing faith in Arun. Aishwarya is going to promise Akhila that she will replace Arul. Akhila says she trusted him. Aishwarya tries to convince Arun to go back to the office, but Arun gets angry and decides that he will not go back to the office or the factory.

Will Aishwarya be able to change Arun’s decision? What is Nandini’s next move against Akhila? What was the beginning of Parvati’s life?

All of these questions will be answered in the coming installment. To find out what’s ahead in your favorite show, Sembaru, keep on watching the series and stay tuned to this place for new daily updates.