Shaurya aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani Upcoming Twist

Shaurya aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani Upcoming Twist

In Shaurya Anorokhi Ki Kahani, Anokhi’s marriage track is going on where her father insists on marrying an NRI boy without checking all her information before marriage. The hateful view is that most of the men in Anokhi’s house and that she should be the home of the sons and daughters. Anokhi, who has big dreams for her career, is preparing to marry Monty (NRI guy) to protect her mother from the torture of her family. But her mother and sister get an important clue against Monty and help Anoki to flee a forced marriage.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can see that Anokhi somehow gets out of the house with the help of her mother’s sister Dolly and Dolly’s childhood friend. Dolly’s husband checks Anoki in her room and is shocked to see that she is missing. They tell everyone about this, which will shock everyone in the marriage. Anokhi’s sister, mother and sister’s friend pretend to be unaware of Anokhi’s disappearance.

The groom’s family gets angry and starts insulting Anokhi’s father and family. He demands his money back, which annoys Anokhi’s father. His answers to the groom’s family only infuriate the latter, who pushes him to the ground and threatens the police. Dolly and her mother get tense, and Monty and Dolly’s husband’s recording reveals Monty’s family’s true motives behind marrying Anoki. Guests would ask Anokhi’s father what kind of man would marry a daughter and whether she’d run away.

Anokhi’s brother and brother-in-law (Jiju) find her in the streets but Anokhi is protected indirectly by bravery. She finds a place to hide in the trunk of Shaurya’s car. She prays to reach her Asta Mom.

In the next installment, viewers will see Anokhi running on Chandigarh’s destination train. Anokhi’s father and brother look at her and try to prevent her from running through their contacts on the railway. Anokhi also tries to get off the train. The bravery also appears on that train because his car is frozen and he has to get to his home as soon as possible.

According to early and recent promos, Anokhi successfully reaches Chandigarh and Sabarwal for further study. She will be interviewed by Shaurya, his father and Bede Papa. She has to face tough questions from her bravery and his bade Papa.

Well, how does Anokhi break through this interview with her intelligence and take her dreams forward? How does her entry affect the lives of bravery and saberwolves?