Shiomi’s mosquito repellent machine knows the price and details

Shiomi has released a good and new Mizia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 Machine (Mosquito Repellent). This machine is the latest version of the model launched last year. Shiomi launched the Migia Smart Mosquito Replacement 2 machine with Bluetooth connectivity last year. According to the Gizmochina report, the new version of the mosquito repellent machine comes with Bluetooth connectivity and XiaoAI sound control. Shiomi has released this machine in China under crowdfunding.

This machine of Shiomi is highly desirable
The Migia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 machine (Migia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2) will be available on the Crowdfunding platform from May 12. The retail price of this machine from Shiomi is 69 yuan (about 790 rupees). At the same time, its crowdfunding price is 59 yuan (about 670 rupees). Triflutherin is used as an anti-mosquito agent (mosquito repellent) in this machine. The only effective time for a response is 1080 hours. It can be used every night from 8 hours to about 4.5 months.

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The machine comes with 2 power supply modes
The Mijia Smart Mosquito Replacement 2 machine is enough for a 28 square meter space. This machine from Shiomi comes with two power supply modes. The machine can be powered by two AA batteries. Furthermore, it can be connected via USB-C cable. The built-in fan is provided to easily spread the machine. When the Migia Smart Mosquito Replacement 2 is powered by USB-C power supply mode, it supports voice control. The machine also supports mobile phone connectivity via Bluetooth. You can set a timer through a mobile phone. Also, you can check how much medicine remains in the machine.

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