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Source: UNI

Bangalore: The KPCC staged a protest in Uttar Pradesh in protest of the rape case.

Siddaramaiah, leader of the legislative party, said all citizens should condemn the government’s treatment of Uttar Pradesh’s mass rape, murder and Congress leaders. It is a barbaric government job.

Such an event can only take place where there is no respect for women and where there is no barbaric government. Yogi Adityanath Kavi Nalayak to dress. There were 27 cases against him. All the cases against him have been withdrawn. He was outraged that the chief minister was still Nayalak.

Prime Minister Modi is not doing any protection for the so-called chaukidar. Modi demanded that Adityanath be ousted as chief minister if you have respect for women.

When Nirbhaya was raped, there was a Congress government in central and Delhi. The Congress then protested the price of humanity. Now, despite the inhumane rape in Uttar Pradesh, the silence of BJP leaders is not right. Where is MP Kumari Shobha Karandlaje? Such dongis rule the state, the country. If BJP is not snatched away from power, the country’s dalits and women will not be protected.

The BJP does the protection of the upper class people. Siddaramaiah called on the youth of the country to understand this


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