Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan school Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla over chopping vegetables

Bigg Boss 14, 17 October 2020, Weekend Ka War Preview:

So, Weekend Ka War is here. But since cooking is difficult for 13 people, there is still debate about kitchen duties as Rubina Dilek and Abhinav Shukla are not willing to do both cooking and cutting at the same time. So in last night’s episode, we saw Rahul talking about duty with Gauhar Khan. Gauhar believes that people can get help but cutting is no different, they feel that Rubina and Abhinav are doing it. Siddharth says that only two people have to work as predetermined. Gauhar points out that Pavithra and Jasmine perform kitchen duties by themselves. So, the thing is that Rubina and Abhinav are not willing to cut. Read also – Bigg Boss 14, Day 13, Twitter Comments: Nitigans are divided over the summons of Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan and Siddhan Shukla

Then, with no choice, Abhinav and Rubina join the debate. Gauhar says cutting is not a separate duty. Rubina declares that she alone will not cut and cook. Sidharth is a little worried about who cooks dinner, only a handful of people know how to cook. In the promo, we see, Rubina, said she took up cooking because she saw people getting help in cooking. Sacred points out that it takes two minutes to ask for help. Rubina and Abhinav have been targeted by others. Gauhar beats her and says she has been through the day to get help in cutting. Siddharth says cutting should not be considered a duty. Rubina tells Sidharth that she is inconsistent. The latter says he is sure but only for her. Rubina asks her to be the eldest. Gauhar points out that he is asking people to help with the cutting and suggests not turning it on them. Read also – Bigg Boss 14, 13th Day Synopsis: Jasmine Bhasin-Nikki Tamboli gets into battle craze; Seniors are conflicted about function

Can this cutting thing be resolved in tonight’s episode? Only Salman Khan can help these people now. Anyway, see the promo below: ALSO READ – Bigg Boss 14: Shehnaz Gill shared a picture with Shefali Bagga, and fans can’t stop beating on her