Sidharth Shukla getting emotional while talking about his father will melt your heart

Bigg Boss 13 winner, Siddharth Shukla, is part of Bigg Boss 14 and Tufani Sr. with Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan. In a recent episode, he was very emotional when he remembered his father. He was talking to Hina and Gauhar. He recounted an incident when he thought of gifting Father’s shoes with his own money. His father had two options but he chose the cheapest. Siddharth told Hina and Gauhar: “I felt very guilty. As a child I always chose expensive things and my father chose the cheapest. We had a great argument because I wanted to buy him expensive. ” See also – Bigg Boss 14, Weekend Kaa War Preview: Siddharth Shukla on Cutting Vegetables, Gouhar Khan School Rubina Dilek and Abhinav Shukla

Watch the video below:

Siddharth also narrated another incident. “When I got off the bus, I started to run and he started doing the same. I was carrying my school bag. I looked up at him, his hair flowed in the air and he said, ‘Ka lagta hai ye admi, ye heavy bag lek full speed me just se az bhag raha’ Hai ‘(He looks so amazing, carrying that heavy bag and running in front of me!) He’s so strong, ”Siddharth said. Also Read – Today’s Trending Entertainment News – Like Shehnaz Gill, Hina Khan Gives Siddharth Shukla Power ‘Chumpy’; Sarah Gurpal was expelled for not sitting on Siddharth’s lap?

He said, “The lucky couple can have parents together and live life with them. When my father passed away, I was modeling … Mera Commercial Jeb May Rakhte The … Alag Admi Tha, Will Power Alag Hi Tha (He carried my ads in pocket and such People usually live for two years (after being diagnosed with lung complications), but they have lived for seven years. Read also – Bigg Boss 14, Day 13, Twitter Comments: Nitigans are divided over the summons of Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan and Siddhan Shukla

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaz Gill praised Ella Siddharth. Talking to TOI, “Bigg Boss must have got these seniors for a reason. Siddharth Shukla is the king of the TRP. Show the Toda Chal Raha Hai Usko Dalne Se. I’m sure a lot of people will watch it because it’s a two-pronged sword. The freshers couldn’t make a place for themselves.” .They are saying, ‘Seniors Jab Zaynge Tab Hai Khellenge.’ “Lado, Bhido ak dum sher ki tarah. Kisi k az peeche poonch ban kar mat rao. Apna game without selfishness. Apna stand tho her koi le leta hai, but doosro ka stand lena seiko.”