Simply put, your phone is switched off, a new feature is coming

Google will soon release Android 12, the newest version of the Android operating system. There will be a lot of new features that are currently being tested. With Android 12, the phone’s Google Assistant (Google Assistant) is also being updated. With the new feature, you’ll be able to switch off your smartphone by talking. This new feature has been identified by the tech website 9to5Google.

These changes are made in the Google Helper
According to the report, the way to enable Google Assistant is also going to change. Currently, for this, you have to say hey Google or OK Google, or press the Home button for a long time. With the new update, Google Assistant is enabled even after long pressing the smartphone’s power button.

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Long pressing the power button will enable Google Assistant, then the big question now is how to switch-off the phone. According to 9to5Google, users have two ways to switch off the phone. First way – users press the power button and volume up button simultaneously, which gives them the option to switch off or restart. In addition, they can also issue a “power off” command to Google Assistant.

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On current Android smartphones, if you ask Google Helper to turn off the phone, it will tell you how to turn off the phone manually. It’s not yet clear whether the “power off phone” will turn off your phone immediately or open the power menu to do it manually. Also, it is not known whether this feature will come on all Android 12 smartphones or is exclusive to Pixel devices.

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