Sit in the pf account KYC so that your interest doesn’t get to like 40 lakh people

Since KYC is not completed, interest money is not deposited in the EPFO’s account of about 40 lakh Provident Fund (PF) shareholders. Don’t worry if you are in such people, you don’t have to go anywhere to complete KYC on a PF account. You can make your KYC at home. You can go to the UAN portal and click on the KYC option and click one by one in the section with Pan, Aadhaar, Mobile Number, Bank Account in the open window. Fill in and submit your information. Now your pan and Aadhaar will be added. However, you will need to ask your employer to check this. You should be able to avail the online facility immediately after verifying the employer.

What is a UN?

Each prospective fund account holder is given an EPFO ​​Universal Account Number (UN). It is linked to the EPF account, the details of the employee’s bank account are also added to it.

If the wrong bank account is connected, do it properly

If you have an incorrect bank account linked with your UAN, there is no need to worry. It can update bank account details from home on online UAN. Ufo cited this method by tweeting today. Explain that the Employees Provident Fund says that if you have an incorrect bank account number or IFSC contact with the UAN, you may want to withdraw the PF amount in the future.

First go to the portal of the EPFO ​​ and log in to enter the UAN and password here. Click the Manage tab now. After this, a drop down menu will appear in front of you. Select KYC in this menu. After this, select the bank now and fill in the account number, name and IFSC and click Save. After this, the new information you provide will appear in the updated KYC section of your approved bank details after the employer’s approval.

Account deposits are easy to find

It is easy for EPFO ​​shareholders to find the amount deposited in their PF account. According to EPFO’s new facility, EPFO ​​account holders do not need a UAN number to check their PF account balances. Shareholders can now know the balance of the PF only by submitting their details.