Sovereign Gold Bond: Government sells gold worth Rs 500, follow this process to buy

Sovereign Gold Bond: The fifth installment of the Sovereign Gold Bond series was released on August 9. To buy gold bonds through this scheme, you have to spend 4790 rupees per gram. At the same time, if you make a digital payment, then you get a discount of 50 rupees per gram. This means that a discount of Rs 500 is available on the purchase of ten grams of gold. Tell us how you can invest in it.

This is how to buy gold from SBI

1- For this, first log into your SBI Net Banking Account.
2- Click on e-Services and go to ‘Sovereign Gold Bond’.
3- Tick ‘Terms & Conditions’ and click on ‘Procedures’.
4- After that fill out the registration form. This registration is only done once.
5- Click Submit Now
6- Now fill out the quantity you want to buy gold and give details on who you would like to nominate.
7- Now click on ‘Submit’.

You can also buy a Gold Bond from here

Sovereign gold bonds are sold through all banks, including Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL), Designated Post Offices and Accredited Stock Exchanges, National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE). Small financial banks and payment banks do not allow the sale of sovereign gold bonds.

These are the rules

Any individual and Hindu undivided family can purchase a maximum of four kilograms of bonds, while the maximum purchase limit for trusts and similar entities is 20 kilograms. Know Your Customers (KYC) The rules for buying bonds are the same as buying gold from the market. The government’s sovereign gold bond scheme was launched in November 2015.

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