Spend less than Rs 2 a day, special offers on the Geo project

Reliance Jio is constantly bringing new projects and services to its customers. Jio has recently launched a special convenience for customers. With this help, customers can recharge their Jio number via WhatsApp. In addition, Jio has recently brought back its cheap Rs 98 project with more data. Jio has such a plan in which you spend less than Rs 2 per day under special offer. This is a Geo Phone project. So let’s take a look at what features Jio has for its customers.

1.39 per day, free calling data
Reliance Jio recently opened at Rs 39. When you take this project with a Geo Phone, you get a free plan under a special offer. This means that for 39 rupees, you get 28 days validity. If we look at daily expenses, the daily cost of the project is only Rs 1.39. Unlimited calling is available on any network. In this project of Geo Phone, you get 2.8 GB of data. In addition, subscription to geo apps is free of charge.

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Less than Rs 2.5 per day, free call and 14GB data
Another affordable project for Jio Phone is Rs 69 Of these, 1 plan is available for free when taking the project. 69 The validity of the project for 14 days is 14 days. After receiving the free plan, you get 28 days validity. You only have to spend Rs 2.46 per day on this project. This scheme offers the benefit of free calling on any network. Users get a total of 14 GB of data on the project. In addition, a free subscription to Geo Apps is available on the project.

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