Sunil Grover’s comeback on Kapil Sharma’s comedy serial ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Salman Khan made patchup? |

Sunil Grover comeback on Kapil Sharma’s comedy serial ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’? However, these days the makers are going to bring the show once again with new format and energy. However, reports are now coming out about this show, it is being claimed that once again Sunil Grover is going to return on Kapil Sharma’s show.

According to’s source, Salman Khan has reconciled between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. The actor has a special attachment with Sunil Grover and Salman Khan wants Sunil to return to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Please tell that Salman Khan is the producer of this show. Apart from this, Kapil Sharma’s makeup artist recently shared a photo with Sunil Grover on Facebook. There has been speculation since this photo that Sunil Grover will be returning to the show soon.

The makers are also in talks with Sunil these days so that he can come back. However, there is no official announcement from Sunil Grover yet that he is making a comeback in the show. However, the fans are also desperate to see Sunil and Kapil together. Recently, Kapil Sharma became father for the second time. His wife Ginni gave birth to a son. Kapil is spending quality time with his family these days. According to reports, after about 3 months, Kapil Sharma’s show is planning to air on the makers.