Sweet news! Recruitment for salaried jobs increased by 35%, opportunities in other sectors including hotels, banking

There is good news for young people looking for high paying jobs (White Collar Jobs). Due to the decline in corona cases and the end of lockdown, companies have intensified recruitment. This led to a 35 percent increase in hiring for high-paying jobs in the first quarter. This information was obtained from the Staffing Form Xfino report. According to the report, the companies offered 3.5 million white-collar jobs in the first quarter.

Big jump in May and June

There has been a rapid rise in new job opportunities in May and June since the second wave of coronary epidemic outbreaks. According to the report, there was a 32 percent increase in hiring in May. The maximum increase in new recruitment was seen in the middle and senior level category. They both jumped 144 percent. At the same time, there was a 33 percent increase in entry-level jobs.

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15 per cent increase in June

According to a report by Naukri.com, recruitment trends in India have increased by 15 per cent in June. The IT sector has seen the fastest growth. According to the report, the sector achieved an all-time high of 52 percent in June 2019 compared to pre-Kovid levels. According to the report, hospitality sectors, including retail, travel and tourism, have also seen growth.

Opportunities in other sectors including hotels, banking

In June, hotels, restaurants, airlines, and travel (87 per cent) and retail (57 per cent) saw significant improvement in hiring activity. Sectors such as insurance also saw growth of 38 per cent, banking and financial services (29 per cent), and ce cadential and biotech (22 per cent). Other sectors such as FMCG (22 per cent), Education or Teaching (15 per cent) and BPO / ITES (14 per cent) showed positive sequential growth in June compared to May.

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There is still concern about unemployment

Economists and market experts say that job opportunities have essentially increased since the second wave of corona stopped, but still the pace of improvement in the situation is too slow. According to the CMI, on July 15, urban unemployment hit 8.5 percent. At the same time, overall unemployment stands at 7.7 percent. This is more than usual. Generally, 3 percent unemployment is considered good. That is, in the coming time, the situation will only improve rapidly if the job opportunities increase rapidly.

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