Kamal Haasan Told a poem and and sung a song in biggboss finale

Kamal Annatha, who sang the poem aggressively on the stage of the Big Boss finale, also went awry singing the song. The finale of the Big Boss Season 4 show is taking place today. The Big Boss Finale goes with the art performances of the contestants. Kamal suggested a book as usual. Speaking at the … Read more

Ramya Pandian Evicted from bigg boss tamil 4 kavin done his job

Following Somasekara, Ramya Pandian was evicted from the Bigg Boss show. In the 3rd season of Bigg Boss Tamil, Gavin, who escaped by lifting the box, enters the house again and evicts Ramya Pandian. Upon learning that Gavin came to the Big Boss show, his fans created and splashed hashtags on Twitter. Gavin spoke to … Read more

Kamal Haasan Gifted to Finalists in the biggboss house Grand Finale

Actor Kamal Haasan gave a gift to each of the finalists of the Big Boss show. Kamal, who spoke to housemates last weekend on the Big Boss show, asked what plan you have after going out. Then each contestant stated their plan. At that point Rio said he would take the car and drive into … Read more

Bigg Boss 4 Som got evicted from biggboss house in finale

Soma Shekar was ousted as the first eviction of the Bigg Boss finale. A total of 18 contestants took part in the Big Boss Season 4 show, which began last October. Five of the contestants were finalists Aari, Balaji, Rio, Ramya and Som while 13 of them were evicted. Since there is only one winner … Read more

Bigg Boss 4 Update Ramya Pandian taking cash and quitting show?

The ‘Bigg Boss 4’ Grand Finale, hosted by Kamal Haasan, is just three days away and some last-minute turns are highly anticipated due to the Pongal festival special. Each season the housemate is allowed to walk away with the money before the final and this time it is said to be given the option. It … Read more

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Netizens slams Vijay tv for repeating task

Netizens who watched today’s second promo of the Big Boss show are blasting Vijay TV. Nada Kata was given the task in today’s second promo of the Big Boss show. This task that was given at the beginning of Big Boss Season 4 has now been given again. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Sanam … Read more

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Rekha gets emotional; Rio and Aari engage spat

In the latest episode of the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil, other former contestants, including Velmurugan, Sanam Shetty, Samukta Karthik, Suchitra Ramadurai and Ajeed Khalik, surprisingly entered the house. Sanam wished all the finalists. Balaji became very emotional seeing Samukta and the two hugged each other. The Rio Raj Big Boss read their announcement … Read more

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ramya Pandian taking cash and leaving this season

The 4th season of Big Boss which is airing in Tamil has reached its final stage. Aari, Balaji, Rio, Som, Gabriella and Ramya are the only 6 people left in the house where there were 18 contestants. All of them will qualify for the finals and one of them will be selected as the winner. … Read more

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Sanam Shetty encourages Aari after arrived at bigg boss house

Fans are thrilled to hear Sanam Shetty, who re-entered the Bigg Boss house, tell Ari that he just came to see you. This may be shown in today’s promo. It is doubtful whether the editor of the show did not focus on any of the scenes where Sanam Shetty speaks too much. Also Read Bigg … Read more

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Netizens slammed Vijay tv for not show separate promo for Sanam shetty entry

While the first two promos do not show Sanam Shetty’s intro, the third promo will show Sanam Shetty’s arrival. Vijay TV is planning to discriminate by showing the love gang arrival and the posh gang arrival as a demonstration and making Aari look ugly. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Female Contestants Salary details Rekha, … Read more