Tamizha Tamizha 18-10-2020 Latest Episode Written Update– Indian News Live Tamil TV Show

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Tamiza Tamiza 18-10-2020 Tami’s Tamil TV Tamiza Tamiza Show 18.10.2020 Online | Thamizha Tamil Thamizha 18/10/2020 Tamil Tamil TV Show 18 Oct 2020
Thamizha Tamizha 18-10-2020 – Tami Tea Tamil TV Talk Show | Tamil TV Thamizh Thamizha Thamizha 18-10-20 Program 18 Oct 2020

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A talk show that brings two polarized sections of society together on one platform and encourages them to overcome their differences.
It is currently one of the most popular Tamil talk shows in Tamil Nadu. It brings together polarized sections of society and allows them to discuss what matters most to them and they share their opinions, opinions and counter-arguments. Each week, a topic is chosen and two groups of people representing the extreme ends face each other and discuss the show. The program deals with this matter lightly and at the same time seriously and often features celebrity guests ..

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