Tandoori bread is delicious, but is it good for your health? Know what the truth is

Whether it is kadai paneer or chicken korma, eating them only comes with fun tandoori roti. Whether it is festivals or weddings, the baked rotis in the tandoor attract the attention of everyone and no one can say they want them. Tandoori loaves are traditionally baked in tandoori, and they smell of coal. But are they good for your health in terms of taste? Let’s find out.

We know you haven’t thought about this yet, so today we’re telling you the truth of Tandoori Rotis!

Did you know the calories in tandoori roti first?

A tandoori roti has about 110 to 150 calories. They have a high percentage of carbohydrates and calories. Plus, there’s protein too, but not much! A tandoori bread provides 6% (2000 calories) of the total daily caloric requirement.

Focus on the subject now

Whether it’s restaurants or weddings, most tandoori breads are made from maida. Let us tell you that Maida is nothing but refined and polished wheat. Not only that, it is a further bleach with benzoyl peroxide which gives the dough a pure white color and smooth texture.

After mixing with many chemicals, all-purpose flour can be harmful to your gut health. Therefore, frequent consumption of maida may increase the risk of many diseases such as IBS, chronic constipation, digestive problems, triglycerides, cholesterol.

Here are the health risks of tandoori rotis

The risk of diabetes

The first direct effect of all-purpose flour is that it increases your sugar levels because it has a high glycemic index. To compensate for the sugar spike, the pancreas must work to release enough insulin. If you are eating maida frequently, then insulin production will gradually decrease, causing diabetes.

Increases the risk of heart disease

According to a study at Oxford University in the UK, eating cooked foods in solid fuels such as coal, wood or charcoal not only causes air pollution but also increases the risk of heart disease.

Heart attack

Studies show a link between solid fuels used for cooking and heart disease. Professor Ng Zhengming Chen of Oxford University stated that “prolonged use of solid fuels for cooking is associated with a risk of cardiovascular diseases.”

Which is right for you

If you love to eat tandoori bread, use flour instead of maida to make bread. If you wish, you can make them using half maida and half wheat flour. Also, use the oven to make these.

So before proceeding to taste dear girls, always look at its ingredients and recipe.

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