Tata Group makes rich investors, earns Rs 13 lakh a year

There are many companies in the Tata group that have made good profits during the corona period. One of these is Tata Tele Services (Maharashtra) Limited. The company has made investors richer in the last one month. At the same time, investors who have been waiting for a year, whose one lakh is Rs 13 lakh.

How much has increased in one year: Tata Teleservices’ shares have risen 85% in the last one month, while Tata Group’s stock has risen 331% in the last six months. At the same time, investors who bought shares of Tata Teleservice a year ago and who have been over the counter so far have gained 1205 per cent over Tata Teleservice’s shareholders.

Understand the share price: Shares of Tata Teleservices were trading at Rs 46.35, up Rs 25.05 in the last one month. As such, there is an 85 percent increase in the price. This means that if an investor has invested Rs 1 lakh, his sum has risen to Rs 1.85 lakh in the last one month.

Similarly, Tata Tele Services’ share price has increased from Rs 3.55 per share to Rs 46 per share in the last one year, which is 13 times higher. Accordingly, the investor’s investment is Rs. 13 lakhs in one year Let us tell you that shares of Tata Tele Services fell on Wednesday. The share price of this company is Rs.

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Benefits of Investing in the Corona Era: In fact, when the lockdown was first imposed by Corona in the country, the biggest impact was on the stock market. In the early months of Lockdown last year, the Indian stock market was diving every day. Investors also suffered losses. However, many investors took advantage of the opportunity and bought the shares. Similar investors are now making a profit. In the last one year, the Sensex has improved by over 22 thousand points. At the same time, the Nifty has also strengthened to 5000 points.

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