Telangana: Three persons of the same family were killed in a road accident, the collector’s office collapsed and 9 workers were injured

The accident occurred during construction work at the Collector’s office in Telangana’s Mehboobad district. 9 workers were injured in the collapse of the structure. According to Municipal President Palwai Ramamohan Reddy, the victims were rushed to a local hospital for further treatment.

At the same time, three people from the same family were killed and another injured when a car crashed into the Sreeram Sagar Project Canal in Medipally in Jagatial district of Telangana on Monday. Jagatial resident advocate Amarinder Reddy, his wife Shirisha, daughter Shreya and son Jayant were heading to their native village of Joginapalli to attend the festival when the accident occurred, police said.

The lawyer, his wife and daughter died in the crash. The son was driving the car and after the accident the car door opened and jumped out.

Police arrived at the scene and found the car and dead bodies from the canal with the help of a crane. Police have registered a case and are investigating.