The 5 amazing features found on WhatsApp make chat more fun than ever

WhatsApp continues to bring new features to improve its users’ chat experience. These features have made our chatting style better than ever before. Over the past few years, there have been many such features, which have been well liked by users. Here we are telling you about some of the best and popular features of WhatsApp, which has changed our chat experience forever.

Delete everyone
This feature of WhatsApp brought users a sigh of relief. Many times we message the wrong group or contact. In such a scenario, this feature is very useful to us and we can easily delete a message sent in the wrong place. Prior to the introduction of this feature, messages sent by accident could not be deleted.

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The blue tick will not go away even after reading the message
WhatsApp’s specialty is that it gives users many privacy control options and one of them is to turn off a read receipt. By turning off the read receipt, the user sending the message will not know that you have read the message. When the read receipt is disabled, the sender does not receive a blue tick notification. One drawback of this feature is that by turning off the read receipts, you don’t even get a blue tick notification of the message you sent.

Mute before sending video
This feature of WhatsApp is great and its users have been waiting a lot. With the help of this feature, audio of any video being sent can be muted. To mute a video, go to the gallery from the chat window. After selecting the video here, a small speaker icon will appear at the top left of the chat window. You can mute the video by tapping this icon.

The voice and video call worked wonders
WhatsApp was a great platform for chatting, but after a voice and video call came in, it became a user favorite. With voice and video calls, users can sit and connect with their friends and family members in any country around the world. In Group Video Calling, we can now talk to 8 members simultaneously.

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No one will be able to add to the WhatsApp group without your permission
In WhatsApp, we are often added to those groups, which we don’t want to be part of. If you are worried about adding to unwanted groups, there is also a way to avoid it. Do not add anyone to the WhatsApp group without your consent, for which you must go to the Privacy option given in the settings. Here you get the following groups option. By tapping it, you can decide who can group you and who can’t.

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