The big news for SBI customers is that they will now have to pay service fees for these facilities from July 1

State Bank of India (SBI) customers have big news. The bank will change service charges from July 1. Now there is a fee to withdraw money from ATM, check book, branch. However, the new rule applies only to Basic Savings Account holders (BSBDs). Please tell us how much SBI charges for the name of the service –

There is a charge to withdraw more than 4 times from the SBI branch

If the customer withdraws money from the bank more than 4 times a month, the bank charges an additional fee. Bank ATMs are also included in this transaction. In simple language, if you withdraw money from SBI Branch or ATM four times a month, you have to pay Rs 15 and GST fee on it. This fee applies to each additional transaction. This rule also applies to non-SBI branches.

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There will also be a fee to withdraw money from an ATM

BSBD customers withdraw four times the service fee from SBI ATMs and non-SBI ATMs. The bank has to pay GST plus Rs 15 in the name of service charge.

The check book also has to pay more

State Bank of India does not charge 10 checkbooks to BSBD account holders. But after 10 Rs 40 GST is charged. At the same time, a check book with 25 checks costs Rs 75. But the Emergency Check Book has to be paid by adding Rs 50 plus GST fee. Senior citizens do not have to pay for any of these facilities.

What is an SBI BSBD Account?

The BSBD is called a zero balance account. There are many benefits to this savings account. In this account, the customer gets the same interest as SBI’s savings account, but at the same time, the customer gets many such special benefits in this account which is not available to the general savings account holders. In this account, customers get many benefits including minimum balance, exemption from free ATM and debit cards and exemption from the maximum balance limit.

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These people can open a BSBD account

An SBI BSBD account can be opened through SBI Net Banking or SBI Online Services by fulfilling SBI KYC requirements. Anyone with valid KYC records can open this account. This account can be opened on a personal, joint or successor basis. According to the website of State Bank of India, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account is currently paying interest at a rate of 2.75% per annum.

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