The corona epidemic has hit China, with 15% fewer children born in 2020

The number of babies born in China in 2020 is down 15 percent compared to 2019. The health problems and economic crisis that emanated from the country’s corona epidemic have forced people to postpone their family raising plans. According to figures released Monday by the Ministry of Public Security, nearly one billion 35 thousand babies were born in China last year. This number is 15% lower compared to 2019, with one billion 17 lakh 90 thousand children born in the country. Of the total infants born in China in 2020, 52 percent are boys and 47.3 percent are girls.

According to experts, the ruling Communist Party’s 2016 decision to abolish the “one child policy” that has been implemented in China for centuries has failed to accelerate the country’s fertility rate. With the increase in education, health and housing costs, couples are increasingly shifting away from raising families. The economic uncertainties caused by the Corona transition have strengthened his resolve.

The older population is worried
The ruling Communist Party has decided to remove ‘one child policy’ in view of the rapidly aging population. In China, the number of elderly people aged 60 years or older is estimated at more than 250 million. This is one fifth of the country’s total population.


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