The Indian application was a huge success and the Nigerian government has made its official account

The Indian microblogging app has been a huge success. The Nigerian government has made its official account on the Indian microblogging platform. The move was made by the Nigerian government shortly after Twitter was banned.

Now Koo’s reach outside India
Coo’s co-founder, Abramaya Radhakrishna, welcomed the Nigerian government into the microblogging platform. He tweeted on Thursday, ‘Welcome to the Nigerian Government’s official handle on Ku India! We are now expanding our reach outside India. Nigeria has decided to ban Twitter after it deleted the post of President Muhammadu Buhari on June 5.

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Koo has emerged as an alternative to many ministries
Indian microblogging platform Koo took this opportunity and announced plans to expand to the African country by introducing the native language of Nigeria on the platform. Radhakrishna tweeted on Saturday, ‘Ku India is now available in Nigeria. We are thinking of adding a local language there. What do you mean? ‘Ku provides access to content in regional languages. Koo has emerged as an alternative to several central ministries of the Government of India. Koo was one of the first major social media organizations to announce the compliance of the new guidelines.

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