The IPL 2021 has been postponed for the upcoming T20 World Cup in the UAE

According to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), this year’s T20 World Cup in India will be held in the UAE as no team will be comfortable at the moment. The final decision will be taken within a month, but it is understood that the BCCI will also postpone the Indian Premier League (IPL) after the Indian Premier League (IPL) was postponed due to the discovery of Kovid-19 cases. In a bio-safe environment (BioBubble). The 16-team tournament is slated for November.

PTI was informed that the BCCI officials had recently held discussions with some top government officials and agreed to hold the tournament in the UAE. The tournament will be played in nine locations, which have not yet been announced. BCCI sources on the privacy clause say, ‘The suspension of the IPL in four weeks is a sign that the country is facing its worst health crisis in the last 70 years, and then it is not really safe to organize such a global competition.’ He said, ‘India is expected to have a third wave in November (Kovid-19). So the BCCI will be the host but the tournament will probably be held in the UAE.

IPL has been postponed due to corona, the board will ensure the safe return of players

Health experts warned of a third wave in India in September. At present, the situation in India is dire and for some time more than three lakh cases are reported every day, which is why most cricket boards are worried and the International Cricket Council (ICC) is not in danger of the safety of international cricket teams. Another source said, “If the situation is not normal, let’s say you have decided that no country wants to visit India for the next six months.”

“If another wave comes, the players and their families will be very wary,” it said. It is therefore expected that the BCCI will agree to host the tournament in the UAE. He said BCCI officials did not want to take any risk after the IPL was suspended. The ICC will meet in June, where a final decision will be taken, but the possibility of hosting the tournament in India after the IPL is postponed is slim.

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