The Maharashtra government has bid for the Jalgaon women’s hostel incident – there is no truth in the allegations

The Maharashtra government on Thursday said there was no truth in the allegation that male policemen were beheading women at a hostel in Jalgaon. State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said a team of senior women police officers had gone to the hostel and investigated the alleged incident.

He said, there are 17 women in the hostel. 41 witnesses were interrogated. There was no truth in the allegations. There was no male officer in the hostel. It was a women’s hostel and the male police were not allowed to go there. Opposition members raised the matter in the Assembly on Wednesday. There have been reports in the media that some women have complained about the alleged incident.

A four-member committee has been formed to investigate the matter, Deshmukh said on Wednesday. On Thursday, she said the mental state of the female complainant was unstable. The minister said her husband and other family members had complained about her mental state. The entertainment event was hosted on February 20 for hostel residents who are not male police officers. He said, during a dance, a woman took off the skirt as she felt uncomfortable.