The problem of moving along the Indo-Nepal border, officials attributed to corona etiquette

In many places along the Indo-Nepal border there are problems with the movement of people. According to the Kovid-19 protocol, there is a level of contact at the officers level to find a way out.

SSB officials said the international bridge connecting Indo-Nepal in Dharchula, Uttarakhand, will be opened at 4 pm on Friday. It was decided by the officials of both countries, but it was not possible because of local opposition. The local people said that Nepalese people were being allowed to come to us, but Indians were not allowed to go to Nepal.

SSB officials said the two countries agreed to open the bridge in talks on November 13. Many patients in Nepal had to come to India for treatment. Similarly, many people from India had to flee to Nepal due to a domestic emergency.

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Sources said the problem has occurred in many places along the Indo-Nepal border, but it is not correct to find any motive behind it. There have been some problems with crowding in some places, but since March, decisions have been made on the management of the corona. Another SSB official said it was on the border since March due to the Kovid-19. The middle border was completely closed. Tried to mention some essential services. India has also offered some concessions, but Nepal’s security forces have been working hard on their part. The official said that due to coronation, health care is being taken care of.