The promise is that Smriti Irani has registered land for residential in Amethi

Union Textile Minister and Amethi MP Smriti Irani reached the office of deputy director of Gauriganj on Monday and registered the land for her residence. After the registry, Smriti said that during the election, she had asked the public for her promise to build a house in Amethi, which I had fulfilled.

Smriti said Amethi was like home to her. Since competing with Amethi from 2014, it has been a symbol of the solution of people’s problems through struggle. The district has been around for the past 10 years and the Gandhi Nehru family has been active here for 50 years. The difference between what they do and what we do is obvious. Smriti counted the list of development work done by the Modi government of the center and the Yogi government of the state.

He said all the work in the district is being done without discrimination. Medical College, Sainik School, Kendriya Vidyalaya and Amethi Overbridge and Railway works. Smriti, who answered Roy Bareilly’s question, said that BJP activists in Roy Bareilly are fighting for the public’s problems, but the MPs will be called missing.

Went among the lawyers

After registration, Smriti also went to the Bar Association’s shed. The lawyers there welcomed them and demanded that they be made citizens. There was also a demand that the Library and Consumer Court be held near the Collectorate. Memory gave confidence to solve problems. He drank tea with the lawyer and photographed the hed. Inviting everyone to come to Delhi.

12. Land purchased for Rs 11 lakhs

11 Biswa’s land has been purchased by Sarama Bhag resident Fulmati for Rs.12 lakh 11 thousand per hectare at Smriti Hectare. A 50 percent higher rate is imposed due to population etc. 50800 has been paid as stamp duty.