The ruins of an old building found amid the Chandan River

The remains of the old buildings were found in the Chandan River near the Bhadariya village of Amarpur block in Banca district, about fifty feet away. The villagers believe that the ruins of the building may be old enough, that the excavation of the place is revealed here, the existence of civilization.

The design of the brick at first sight suggests that this civilization dates back to the sixth century. Archeologist Satish Kumar believes that the brick is handmade and cooked with a paddy stem. However, he said that he would come to Amarapura in a few days and investigate, then say something else.

Remains of an old building found on the Chandan River near Amarpur in Bihar

The name of Visakha is known to be the first girl of Mahatma Buddha, also called Migarmata. Mahatma Buddha came to Bhadai village hundreds of years ago and Visakha is said to be from this village. Bhadariya is said to have become Bhadariya in the village of Bhadai. Due to the ruins of the buildings, there is a curious atmosphere in the whole area.