The spa will reopen in Delhi after 10 months, High Court permits, employees to undergo coronary examination every 15 days

Spas that have been closed for about 10 months in the capital Delhi are now able to reopen due to the corona epidemic. The Delhi High Court on Thursday allowed the spa to reopen on the way to the salon in the capital. Spas were also closed after the lockdown went into effect last year due to Corona, but so far they are not allowed to reopen.

Judge Pratibha M Singh gave the order. The High Court said that spa owners can conduct their own spa following the standards set out to prevent the spread of corona infection. The High Court has instructed the spa owners to conduct a Kovid-19 test of their employees every 15 days.

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The High Court disposed of the petition seeking reopening of the spa. On December 4, the High Court directed the government to reconsider its decision not to reopen the spa. When the salons were allowed to open, the court asked the Delhi government why they should not open the spas.

The High Court said that at first sight the demand for spa operators qualifies, if the salon is allowed to run, why not run the spa? The spa operators had told the High Court that even the six foot spacing rules were not followed in the salon and how they were allowed later.

Advocate Rajeshwar Dagar told the High Court on behalf of the spa operators that all the employees at the spa working in the capital are trained under the Prime Minister’s National Skills Development Program. Salons, gyms, restaurants, pubs and bars, Delhi Metro and others have been opened in the capital, he said.

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