The stock market is offering 53% return on investment for a year, know gold, FD and cash position

Everyone invests a small portion of their earnings somewhere to make their future safe and happy. But in today’s market there are so many options that people don’t understand where to invest, they often get confused about where to get the best returns and where they are. Let us understand where investing is most beneficial to you.

Sensex is giving a return of 53 per cent on a one-year investment

According to Live Mint research, if you invest separately in Sensex, Cash, Gold and FD for a year, the stock market will give you 53.32 percent return. By comparison, FD is only able to deliver a 5.1 percent return. Gold is trading at 4.89 and cash at 3.15%.

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Gold will be worth the investment in three years

Gold is a good option if you invest your money for three years. Gold has been offering 16.67% on investment for three years, Sensex 14.17%, FD 6.7% and cash 5.22%.

Sensex is also making good returns on long-term investments

If a person invests his money in the stock market for five years, he is earning up to 14.18%. It’s less than a year. On the other hand, gold is yielding up to 10.95%. Cash paid 5.87% for the same period and 7.0% for equity.

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The stock market is also a good option for investing for 10 years

If investors have invested their money for 10 years, they are getting returns up to 10.98 per cent. At the same time, FD is offering 8.75%, gold 8.1% and cash 7.39% this time.

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