The Supreme Court objected to the so-called ‘your honor’, saying – we are not American magistrates

The Supreme Court on Monday objected to a law student’s speech when he addressed the judge as “your honor.” Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Following the objection of the Supreme Court, the petitioner immediately apologized and said that he would use my Lord’s word. Whatever the CJI said after that. Our theme is not what you tell us, but don’t use the wrong words. The law student had applied to the Supreme Court for vacancies in subordinate judiciary.

Justice V Ramasubramaniam explained to the law student that there was something missing in his argument and that he had come to court without doing his homework in this case. He found that law student Malik Mazar Sultan had forgotten the instructions of the case and that appointments to the subordinate judiciary were done in accordance with the time limit set by the case.